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Work Permit Policy

By Melody Smith, Management Consultant, Expertise Limited

Unless you are Bermudian, or married to one, your employment in Bermuda is subject to immigration control. The process for gaining permission to work in Bermuda varies depending on what type of work you will be doing in Bermuda - and for what length of time.

The single best source of information on work permit policies is on the government website. Even though information may not regularly be updated, it really does detail virtually everything one needs to know about obtaining work permits in Bermuda. For those that are loathed to navigate their own way through the website, here are the basics.

Application processing times with the Department of Immigration vary significantly depending on the type of application. Standard work permits can take as little as one month to process but the norm is closer to three months. Temporary and periodic permits typically take between 10 days and one month to approve.

The Department of Immigration strictly enforces work permit policies so it is critically important that employers prepare work permit applications thoroughly and honestly. If you are in doubt, ask your employer. And if they don't know the answer, tell them to ask me!

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