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Senior IT Consultant

I recently completed a consulting engagement in New York and was on some well earned R&R in the Orient. I happened to be perusing through a popular job placement website when I came across an Ad for a job opening in Bermuda.

The pay was very competitive with jobs in Manhattan and featured a comprehensive benefits package inclusive moving expenses on and off the Island. Not that Bermuda is really that far away from the United States at all. In fact, Bermuda is literally a hop away from New York by plane. At 770 miles or a little over a two hours journey from JFK, Bermuda is the closest thing to a tropical paradise that boasts the northernmost coral reefs in the world.

I was certainly interested in the prospects of working in one of the most desirable parts of the world and decided to do some reading on the website. The site was well designed and very informative about work and living in Bermuda. I was even able to apply for a job directly on the website.

I was contacted soon after by Greg, an employment consultant at BermudaJOBS. Greg was excited to mention that there were quite a few job vacancies available in Bermuda due to the recent growth of Bermuda as a major center in the global insurance and reinsurance industries.

Greg was extremely patient and forthcoming with all the questions I had about relocating to Bermuda as well as the hiring process. I later learned that BermudaJOBS has offices in the U.K., Ireland, Canada and Bermuda and actively seeks to hire talented people to fill the growing needs of employers on the Island.

In the following weeks, I was suitably impressed by the professionalism and efficiency of the team at bermudaJOBS. They were very concerned that I find a company of my liking and ensure that the matching of skills and requirements went both ways between the job seeker and employer.

Greg and his counterparts were quick to update me on job offers and the general progress of my placement. They guided me through the process of looking through prospective employers and when I finally made a decision, I didn't feel pressured or hesitant in the least.

I'm very excited about my upcoming stay in Bermuda. I have an exciting career waiting for me with great financial rewards. The best thing, however, is the crystal clear waters and enticing, pink coral beaches of Bermuda.

Account Manager, Hedge Fund Administrator

Bermuda is very nice and the work place is even better. Great people to learn from. I am honestly telling you that you helped me secure a dream place to work.

CPA, Financial Controller

Working in Bermuda as a Financial Controller is an exciting opportunity for me and I am delighted! I just wanted to express my gratitude to BermudaJOBS for helping me secure the job.

IT Consultant

Thank you for all your hard work. This has been the most pleasant and efficient recruitment process that I have ever encountered. Others have spoken so highly of your company that I suspected enthusiastic exaggeration. I find it quite amazing that BermudaJOBS actually surpassed my high expectations. To get an almost immediate interview with my employer of choice which in turn led to my offer and placement with them was great!

South Africa
Account Manage - Captive Insurance

I just would like to thank you and your team at BermudaJOBS for all the assistance and advice that you have given me. I appreciate it. I look forward to starting my insurance career in Bermuda next month.

Melbourne, Australia
Sr. Trust Accountant

Just a quick note to say thanks for your help. You have been great.

Trinidad & Tobago
Account Manager, Insurance

To be considered a true finance professional, international experience is imperative. As such, I decided to seek a job in Bermuda, the third largest financial capital in the world.

To achieve this goal, I registered with BermudaJOBS on August 24th. Four days later, I was interviewed by Janet Olsen and on September 7th I had my first interview with a premier Insurance company. On October 17th, after two additional interviews, I was offered a very competitive compensation package to join the Insurance company.

I am immensely grateful to BermudaJOBS and in particular to Janet Olsen, for her steadfast support and encouragement from the day I registered with them. I never envisaged getting a job in six weeks, much less moving to Bermuda in November!

Thanks Janet, you’re a gem!

Harare, Zimbabwe
Telecommunications Technician

Everything is all in place now, thanks to you all. Thanks for all your help. My wife and I are looking forward to seeing you when we get there!

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