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Declan Coyne
Fund Services

I have been working in Bermuda for the last 9 months, leaving Ireland for a more sub tropical setting. I work a 9-5 day, 5 days a week, which leaves me ample time to partake and enjoy sporting interests like soccer, tennis, golf and even poker!

One of the best aspects of Bermuda is the weather. People flock to the beaches regularly to swim, tan and generally enjoy the view. Beach volleyball is hugely popular as is beach soccer, both ensuring a disappearance of the “Irish” tan if played. Another enjoyable aspect of Bermuda is the ample supply of quality/not too expensive restaurants where the variety of fish is as never-ending as the courteous staff.

Whilst looking on the internet before I arrived, I was still uncertain as to many areas of moving here. However, BermudaJobs and my employer were collectively very helpful in providing assistance in relation to a) finding accommodation b) getting settled c) work permit/immigration papers d) finding restaurants and of course e) finding one or two public houses to wet your whistle! The friendly nature and unassuming attitude of the staff at BermudaJobs cemented my lack of anxiety whilst settling in here.

One particular issue I had before arriving was the “word of mouth” or rather “Chinese whisper” of how expensive Bermuda is compared with other countries. My only comparison was Ireland and here’s what I found:

- Food prices are the same.

- Rent is more expensive here with monthly rentals for a room in a house-share can be between $900-$1500, however this is offset, with a lot of change, by having to pay little or no tax. Also, a lot of houses/apartments have swimming pools.

- Saving, particularly in Dublin, is hard, but with very little or no tax to be paid over here, it is very manageable to put away a lot of money every month and also whilst most bonuses in Dublin are taxed at 50%, the bonuses over here are paid into your hand.

- Also alcohol is cheaper over here with a “happy hour” on, in almost every tavern in the village on a Friday evening.

Overall it has been a pleasurable experience with still a lot to see and a lot more to do. I feel that this international experience will not only enhance my CV but also will give me the opportunities to excel in my industry.

Yours sincerely,
Declan Coyne

Sr. IT Consultant

My wife has been living and working in Bermuda for 5 months now, so I had been actively seeking employment positions in IT/Network Support there also. I sent my Resume into BermudaJOBS and was then contacted by Greg Soares in order to assess my experience and qualifications. Greg was very enthusiastic about the possibilities of my finding a suitable job in Bermuda, which I found very encouraging.

From the start Greg and his colleagues were regularly in contact with me by phone and email and their advice along the way proved to be extremely beneficial, if not essential. Within weeks I had several interviews lined up through Greg and I have been offered a position as a Senior Consultant with one of Bermuda’s leading IT consulting firms in Hamilton. In this role, through my interview process with the employer and BermudaJOBS, I can expect to train and work in many areas of IT Support including: Cisco, SQL Server, Citrix etc. This is an exciting opportunity for me and one which I am sure will greatly improve my career in the future.

My experience with BermudaJOBS is that they look after both the Employer and the Employee rather than just one. Greg’s advice on everything from visa applications to dining in Bermuda has been spot on. So my advice for people seeking to live and work in Bermuda and are looking for realistic, accurate information is to rely on BermudaJOBS.

The lifestyle in Bermuda is fantastic with lots of outdoor activities including: snorkelling, scuba diving, sailing, water-skiing, golf or just lying on the beach enjoying the sun. People are very polite, friendly, chatty and happy.

The amount of great restaurants to choose from is endless and I was surprised that prices are much the same as Dublin. Supermarket prices I found were generally the same as back home as well.

I am lucky in that my wife has an apartment which is provided for by her employer, so we don’t have to worry about looking for and renting, although most employers will assist with this process.

Overall this is an opportunity for us to gain excellent work experience, enjoy the lifestyle and save as well over the next few years.

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