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Terry Jason
Quebec, Canada
VP, Customer Service

I am originally from Canada and have arrived on the island at the end of August of 2005 for a minimum of 3 year contract. I will definitely not miss the cold and snow back home.

I have solid background experience in sales and management and occupied many different jobs within the competitive telecommunication industry in Canada and I have always been responsible for provisioning major business accounts of sales and products and services.

I am currently occupying a strategic sales position within one of the five Keytech companies on the island. I am a Business Development Manager for a company which employs a staff of about 400 peoples. I work a 9-5 day, 5 days/week which leaves me ample free time to enjoy the island. I am very happy with my work environment and everyone at the office as just been great with me since my arrival.

My employer upon my arrival was very helpful in providing me with the company cottage free of charge for the first month and also provided me with a scooter. By doing so, it permitted me to look for a place to stay. Everybody chipped in helping me find a place to stay. I have found a nice place on my own, on the south shore close to all the lovely beaches Bermuda are famous for.

The weather in Bermuda is nice and warm just like the people. There are nice beaches, nice golf courses and lots of different activities for one to choose from to keep one busy at all time. My friendly outgoing personality was a key factor to help me to blend in real quickly.

In no time, I found and educated myself on the transport around the island and found my way around to the groceries, beaches, restaurants, golf, shops etc. I have to say that the best bus drivers in the world are right here in Bermuda. You have to drive in one of them in the narrow roads to understand what I mean.

I have also enjoyed the variety of quality restaurants and activities. Every Wednesday they have a unique activity that is called ` Harbor Night.` The front street is blocked to cars and scooters and lots of vendors sell various lovely items to the peoples on the island but most especially to tourist that get off those big celebrity cruise ships that park there for a few days from March to October.

I have also gone to the annual Tattoo 2005 regiment festival that was held in dockyard. What a surprise that turned out to be. Bands from different part of the world where there to play and the quality of the show and of the music was exceptionally good and it ended with fireworks to make you say Wow! Canada was there for the first time this year and was represented by at least 150 musicians. The Bermudian Band regiment was quite delightful to hear.

I have to tell you at this point that nothing of the above would have been possible without the dedication, hard work and service that were provided to me by the team. I especially want to thank Annie Richardson and Angela Birk for being there every step of the way and helping thought the entire process in guiding me, helping by being the liaison with my future employer, for giving me pertinent information to fill my immigration papers, giving me access to a web site where I could learn many details about Bermuda and for answering any question I had of interest that I had lined up for them. The very friendly nature of their staff was a fitting introduction to the great and friendly people that reside on this magnificent island.

I have to admit that after one week on the island, I knew right away that I had make the right decision in coming to work here and that I would love the island and make the best of it. I am convinced that my knowledge will benefit the company and the many clients who will deal with me will never forget me because of the A-1 quality service I will give them at all time.

Ron Sarkar
Toronto, Canada
Senior Transfer Agency Administrator

Among the foremost concerns that most people have when relocating to a new country is how easily they will be able assimilate into that society and the ease in which they can establish a social network. Aside from the natural allure of the beaches and scenic ambience, Bermuda's distinctiveness lies in its friendly people and open culture. It's not uncommon to be walking along a street looking lost and have someone approach you to ask if you need directions, or being greeted warmly by strangers while taking a stroll. The feelings of camaraderie and goodwill are certainly ubiquitous throughout the island which makes relocating here (from a social aspect) virtually seamless.

In contrast, one of more challenging elements I've found is adjusting to the higher cost of living, which can be a little intimidating at first especially in comparison to Canadian standards. Suffice to say, the decision to relocate here wasn't simply a cakewalk for me, but a process which took a fair bit of education and planning. I am happy to look back and say that the resources and support provided to me by the staff at BermudaJobs has been of tremendous value in helping me make an objective and educated decision. Being provided with such detailed and comprehensive information ranging from the broader social, cultural and historical elements of Bermuda right down to the meticulous nitty-gritty aspects of starting a new life here definitely painted a realistic overview of what life is really like here. Soaking up as much information as I could definitely lessened the initial 'shock factor' of moving to a new environment.

The move to Bermuda for me so far has been a highly rewarding and deeply enriching experience both personally and professionally. Having gained so much knowledge and having met so many great people has equipped me with an invigorating new perspective which I'm sure will stay with me for years to come.

Sarah Morgan
Alberta, Canada

Corporate Administrator

Bermuda has now become my second home, which is a long way for a “Snowbird” from Canada like myself to come in such a short time.

I have been in Bermuda since March 2004 and was worried about how I would adjust. I am close to my family and friends and was moving my life 3,000 miles away not knowing if I would meet any new friends or if I would be able to handle how small the island is. Well, I went from that nervous newbie to the Captain of my volleyball team in no time!! With the large ex-pat community on the island, it was very easy to meet new people and get involved because there are thousands of other people in the same situation you are in.

I am currently working as a Corporate Administrator for one of the largest law firms on the island. It is a mid-sized company with a diverse staff of approximately 250 people. The working hours are 9-5 Monday to Friday and it is located only a few blocks from the “main streets” of Hamilton (and by “main streets”, I mean the ones with all the shopping, restaurants and night life!). My job has provided me with many different educational opportunities, above and beyond my Business Degree, in order to further advance my career. It has also provided me with a reasonable compensation and benefits package. Plus, being from Canada, the concept of no income tax and taking home a majority of your earnings is a totally foreign concept to me! It is wonderful and now as a non-resident I don’t have to deal with filing tax returns during tax season!

Of course, another attractive feature about Bermuda is the sub-tropical climate. It is so wonderful to be able to wear shorts year round and play winter sports outside that don’t involve snow or ice! It is great to call back home and brag to family and friends about how you were at the beach in December! It is also great for me because I play so many sports - soccer in the winter time, volleyball in the spring and summer, softball, tennis, running, the list goes on. There is always something to do whether it is sports related or enjoying the active nightlife on the island.

Getting around the island is definitely a lot different than it is at home. When I came to the island I obtained my motorcycle license in order to drive a scooter, which is a common form of transportation. Driving a bike definitely took some getting used to – I had to buy a rain suit so I could drive in the rain, learn how to drive on a bike safely and most importantly lean how to deal with helmet hair! Now that I feel comfortable on a bike, I drive it to work every day in order to avoid the traffic congestion and make it to work in a timely manner.

I was also fortunate enough to have met and married a Bermudian who has been able to show me parts of Bermuda that I probably wouldn’t have been able to experience before. Living with someone is also beneficial as we live in a two income household. Bermuda living costs are more expensive than they are at home, but it is definitely manageable and much easier if you are able to share your expenses either with your significant other or with housemates. Plus, the fact that you don’t pay income tax and the salaries are higher, certainly balances it out so we are able to save money for our future.

Bermuda has been a wonderful experience for me. I have met great people, been able to be very active and also save for my future. I am going to enjoy this lifestyle for as long as I can!

Jill Pidwerbesky
Manitoba, Canada
Senior Fund Accountant

I moved to Bermuda from Canada seven months ago. As a Certified Management Accountant, there are great job opportunities in Bermuda. I accepted a position with a large, reputable international company. Their office in Bermuda administers offshore hedge funds and employs approximately 60 culturally diverse people. It is such an enjoyable experience to work with people from different countries and to learn about their culture.

I only have great things to say about the team at BermudaJobs. I found them to be open and honest with the highest degree of integrity. They helped me throughout the placement and relocation process. They provided me with cost of living information, tips with finding accommodation and were always available to answer my questions.

Even though the cost of living is relatively high in Bermuda the salaries are better. I am able to save the amount I would have paid in taxes in Canada, since there are none in Bermuda. I want to pay cash for a house when I move back.

I love the beaches in Bermuda, they are as or more beautiful than pictures I had seen of them. One of my favorite beaches is Tobacco Bay, the snorkeling is amazing and I have seen everything from squid to giant parrot fish. There are many great events in Bermuda; I particularly enjoyed the non-mariners race that took place during Cup-Match weekend.

I moved to Bermuda without knowing anyone else living here. I found it quite easy to meet new friends, since there are so many others that have left their country to work here.

Thanks to BermudaJobs for this opportunity! I'm having a once in a lifetime experience both personally and professionally.

New Brunswick , Canada

I am leaving tomorrow to go to Bermuda . I thought I would send you a quick email thanking you for everything you have done for me. I usually do not believe in Fate but you sending me the email in February starts to make me believe. Thanks once again.

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